The Healthy Aging Benefits of Our Optimum Longevity Anti Aging Combo


R-Lipoic Acid and Acetyl L Carnitine make up the Optimum Longevity Anti Aging Combo™. Two very powerful antioxidants that are completely safe and that are produced naturally in our bodies. As we age the amount of R-Lipoic Acid and Acetyl L Carnitine that our bodies are able to make steadily declines. By taking advantage of our Optimum Longevity Combo, you can increase your youth-restoring levels of these two amazing nutrients and reap the many benefits that come with them. Through deliberate conscious effort, we can maintain vigor and vitality, even as we age. Refusing to cruise just to the finish line of life, but instead pushing the pedal to the floor and redefining the process of aging. True our biological clock will never stop ticking, but with the help of science, and the addition of 2 supplements scientists have suggested are essential as we age, we can slow down the process of aging.
  Our healthy aging supplements achieve their results by influencing genes and enhancing some of the body’s normal mechanism, which allows us to age more gracefully. Our company’s specially formulated supplements complement each other, helping hand-in-hand to turn back the hands of time. R lipoic acid activates the Sirtuin 1 protein gene which has been named the longevity gene by scientists, Acetyl L Carnitine supports heart health, energy production and nerve regeneration.

R Lipoic Acid is highly regarded for its antioxidant abilities and also has a powerful effect on supporting cardiovascular health. R Lipoic Acid supports heart health by increasing the activity and the bio-activation of an important cardio-protective enzyme named aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (Aldh2). Unfortunately this miraculous enzyme that helps detoxify impurities in the heart and supports circulation is often the victim of elevated carbohydrate levels, which creates oxidative stress that inactivates this powerful enzyme. This leaves the heart susceptible to the damaging effects of oxidative stress.


Scientific research concludes that the decrease or inactivity of Aldh2 negatively affects the output of the heart’s main pumping chamber in the left ventricle, impairing the heart’s ability to contract efficiently and decreasing the level of antioxidants in the heart. The heart cells’ ability to produce energy also decreases, while inversely increasing stress markers, which contributes to the absence of this enzyme. R Lipoic Acid works to reactivate Aldh2 levels, along with supporting the uptake of carbohydrates and quenching of excessive oxidative stress, which helps to safeguard your heart. Contact us today for an anti-aging supplement that can bring renewed vigor into your life. We proudly serve customers nationwide.

  Contact us today for an anti-aging supplement that can bring renewed vigor into your life. We proudly serve customers nationwide.